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Who Are We?

We are Hufr - A recruitment agency specialized in Hospitality. Founded in 2017, our ultimate goal is to help your establishment find the most suitable Candidate with time-saving recruitment solutions. We aim to be the best Hospitality recruitment agencies in Vietnam. 

Our mission

Our mission is to improve quality of service by providing the best applicants on the market.

Why Hufr?

Our method of recruitment focuses on selecting candidates with the best-matched experience, attitude and skills through our Filtering method and careful interview session with Hufr's experts. With this method, we believe that it will not only save your time in recruiting but will also bring the best talent to your organization with minimum effort. 

With our professional recruiting consultants who have had many years of experience in the industry, Hufr is committed to providing the best possible customer service through dedication and professionalism. 

All our candidates go through a recruiting process that includes English, personality test and hospitality best practices knowledge.

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Brio Mate