10 Tips To Make Your Profile Picture Unique

The first thing a recruiter looks at on your resume is your profile picture. Especially when you work in the hospitality industry, your appearance is really important. According to surveys, a professional profile picture will increase your chances of being hired. We advise you to take advantage of your Hufr profile picture to impress employers. You don’t necessarily have to have your portrait taken by a professional photographer, you can do it with your own camera or smartphone. In order to succeed in this task, check out the 10 tips below to get a good impression at the first look! 

1.Up-to-date your profile picture

Your profile picture will help recruiters to imagine how their future employees will look like, before the first interview. The clearer your profile is, the easier idea the recruiter will have. It will be more difficult to catch up if you do not look like your profile picture. If your picture was taken 10 years ago or before your appearance changed, you might want to take a new one. These simple changes may confuse recruiters and sometimes affect their requirement standards, especially in the hospitality industry. Therefore, being clear on the first time will help save time for both parties. Make sure that your profile picture looks like you so the employers will not question your credibility. Update your profile if you have any changes in your appearance and try to have the same look you got every day in your hairstyle or makeup.

2.  A high-resolution image can build a trustworthy image.

The perfect dimension for your Hufr profile picture should be at least 400 x 400 pixels. Take a new one if your profile picture looks a little bit blurry and good enough. Do not resize a smaller image in order to reach the 400x400 pixels as it will not improve the quality.

3. Keep your face fill the frame 

Align your profile picture to fill a good part of the picture. Using a picture taken from a distance may look cool on other social media but not on your CV. It makes it harder for employers to get an idea of what you look like. Try to crop the image from the top of your shoulders and let your face stay in the middle of the frame. This small change will help you more in impressing employers, especially in finding jobs in hotels and restaurants.

4. Keep the spotlight only for you 

Teamwork or showing your collaboration through your profile picture may not be a good idea. Recruiters may feel confused to be sure who you are. To make sure employers know who you are,  be confident enough to show yourself solo in your profile picture. Cropping a picture is not a good idea because the quality of the picture will be reduced. 

5. Ask for someone’s help to take your picture

Using your smartphone is a good choice but avoid using your front camera as the quality is lower. You can probably ask a friend to take a picture of you instead. This will make the difference and get more chances for you to land a job in hospitality. 

6. Be natural - be yourself

Your personal brand will rely on your profile picture. It is the best way to convey your attitude and express the way you are. It is especially important when you work in a sensitive and strict environment like the hospitality industry. That's why it is not a problem not to smile in your picture. But generally, a friendly face will make a better impression and make people feel at ease. Avoid laughing as it will not make you look professional. A smile can express that you are easily approachable and friendly. Just be yourself and natural as much as possible. This factor can be the deciding factor when employers choose you as a suitable candidate, especially in looking for a job in hotels and restaurants.

7. Choose a suitable background

Choose a suitable background. Just use a simple background to let your face get the spotlight and fill the frame. It does not mean that you have to find an empty space with white background. You can also choose a colored wall, but pay attention to it as the background will increase the quality of the picture. 

8. What you wear should match your favorite working attire

Professional attitude can be expressed through your clothing. The dress code is important when you work in hospitality, don't forget that. It will not be suitable if you wear too much clothing or get underdressed. One more thing needed to be well-noted is that color matters. Solid color can do a good job to make your profile standout on the camera. As well as bold tones can really bring your profile picture a difference.

Clothing really plays an important role, especially in finding jobs in hotels and restaurants, when attire standards matter. You will become a better candidate to the employers if you already look the same way as when you will be working for him .

9. Soft, natural light - The key of a good picture

How the lighting affects the brightness of your profile will make the difference. Taking advantage of the camera flash will make your face look brighter and glow instead of using harsh fluorescent lighting. Or natural light will create the perfect effect but the sunlight directly sometimes may cause some blinding problems. Using the outside advantages on a bloomy day around the area without direct sunlight will make the bright softer. Do not get your back on the window because the light will be low-contrast and your face can not be shown. 

10. Adjusting light and color can increase the picture quality 

If you adjust the color and light on your phone, you can improve the quality of the picture. Be aware that using filters might change the way you look and we do not advise you to use any filters that will change your appearance. Feel free to do some testing with adjusting the brightness or contrast, it can make your resume photo look more professional. A professional image is a first good step, especially in finding a job in hotels and restaurants.

Why do you need a good profile picture? 

Learn how to impress recruiters using your profile picture. This is the best way to get the attention from your dream employers and shows how trustworthy you are. Other benefits may be the chance to express your good strengths attributes to attract your targets. 

Especially in the hospitality industry, your profile picture really matters when your desire is getting a professional job. The first step in building your personal brand is the image that you reflect, it can increase your chances of success and make your resume pop among other applicants.

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