5 Reasons to Join the Hospitality Industry

As you’re flicking through this article, we know that you’re considering working in hospitality in Vietnam. It’s a beautiful industry with lots of opportunities, creativity, and joy. Part of it is hard, but there are always good reasons to join the crew, as long as you have passion and love for the job. Today, we will step right in the mysterious life of hospitality in Vietnam, and here are the top 5 secret reasons why you should join this industry. Come and see the rewards that you can have.

Never Have The Same Day!

Are you tired of doing the same things every day? How about meeting the same people over and over? Sitting in the back of an office building and typing on your laptop every day? If you’ve always wanted to get rid of that, join the hospitality in Vietnam!

This is one of the very few industries that can give you the privilege of having many joyful days at work, and there’s never one day that can be the same. Each day is a whole new experience and lessons. You’ll have no idea what would happen, who you’ll meet and work with. That's why the industry is always enjoyable and challenging. And that’s not all about it. It isn’t very pleasant to work from 9 to 5 every day. With hospitality, you can have different working hours and locations. So if you love all those things, those small details of joy and fun in this energetic career, join us! 

Be Someone’s Happiness

The hospitality industry comes with many job opportunities and different roles. No matter what position you’re working in, whether you’re at a coffee shop, restaurants, or hotel, you can always be the reason for someone’s smile. Your work and presence can make their day a lot comfier, better, and more joyful. The product and services you’re giving them will be the story that they can tell others. How great is it to work with other people and bring smiles for them? People love to receive care, and a delicate notice of their habits, what they love to have. And you, when working in the hospitality in Vietnam, can make that happen. Have you ever known any industry that creates more happiness and smiles than this career? 

Very Competitive Income

Everyone’s looking for a job with a high salary rate, and we understand that. But we must remind you that nothing comes easy in life, there’s no job that can be both simple, easy to do that can bring the highest income. Hospitality is the career path that requires a lot of passion and hard work. You will need to encounter many tasks and customers a day, standing for long hours and deal with many unexpected problems. You might also have to work on holidays, overtime and so on. But the competitive income will make it all up for you. Besides salary, you can always receive a lot of tips and commission as long as you do your job right. In fact, tips and commissions make up a massive part of the total income of hospitality workers. So stay positive, working hard, and all you’ve ever wanted will eventually come. 

Out Of Jobs? Not With Hospitality In Vietnam! 

You might think that we’re kidding when saying there is always a job available in this industry. But no, we are absolutely serious. With the growth of hospitality in Vietnam, you can either work in many parts of the country and have all the opportunities possible. If Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city doesn’t seem attractive for you, Danang, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and many other places will do. This is one of the most creative and joyful careers in the world, and you’ll never have to worry about going out of jobs. Now you might want to see some numeric status to boost your belief, right? Then here you go! 

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism research, in 2020, Vietnam will welcome 10-10.5 million visits from international travelers and 47-48 million visits from national travelers. This will lead to an increasing to 600.000 rooms for the hotel industry and thousands of other services. Along with all of that, Vietnam is paying a lot of attention to the hospitality and tourism industry development. They also believe that it’s vital to increase the quality of hospitality employees. 

Have you seen your chances? 

Always A Safe Choice

No matter what happens, people will never give up their needs for food, drinks, someplace to rest, and even to entertain. In one way or another, you can always benefit from that. Unlike other industries, it always seems to be risky since you’ll never know if they are still in need when you finish studying it for a few years. The hospitality in Vietnam has always been around and only enlarge itself, rather than going small. Due to all of that, it’s still a safe bet when it comes to hospitality in Vietnam. It’s also easy to find a job in this industry since the needs are high right now. How fun is it to have a bright and joyful career path? 

Working in hospitality in Vietnam often comes with a lot of merits, and there is no limitation on these perks. There is always a desire for a night out, a morning coffee, or excellent service at a resort on holiday. And it’s absolutely fun to make all of that desire happens to people around the world. That’s how this industry functions, and you’re a part of it. Whether you’re a helping hand, a service creator, or a joy maker, it’s always fun and fascinating coming to work every day in the hospitality industry. 

If you’re passionate about bringing smiles and flawless service to people every single day, welcome to the secret life of hospitality in Vietnam. And if you’re looking for job opportunities, you have come to the right place with HUFR. Keep scrolling for what you need.

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