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How An Introvert Can Work In the Hospitality Industry

Front-of-the-house positions like Concierge, Receptionist seem to be always on top of people’s list when they think of the hospitality industry. Plus, people also tend to have these images of smiling hospitality workers, as depicted on media, imprinted in their head. As a result, many people, including those one who are interested in getting started, especially introverts, would think that jobs in the hospitality industry are very challenging as they require a lot of energy to interact with customers.

Let’s take a deeper look. In the hospitality industry, there is a wide range of jobs, from frontline to back office, Concierge, Receptionist, Clerk, Event Manager, Marketer, Sales, Maid, Chef, Cook, Maintenance Worker to name some of them. Each position requires a different skill set and only a few require you to constantly communicate with customers.

With that said, you don’t have to be an outgoing person to communicate with other people efficiently. You can definitely take on the challenge of working as a receptionist if you wish, at the start of your career. It’s not that hard to be friendly and open to communicate. Once you are in action, you will know that it takes little to no effort to satisfy a customer as a front desk worker. You just need to open your mind and accept the challenge willingly, take the first step by getting out of your comfort zone and you can progress comfortably from then on.

So if you are an introvert and you are interested in working in the hospitality industry, don’t hesitate looking for your chance. However, also note that each position in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, … needs from you very specific skills and knowledge, so it’s better to choose a position you wish to apply for first, then attend training courses or vocational classes dedicated to that position, at Hufr for example, before applying. Being knowledgeable and skillful would make you feel confident when you apply or at work, and the certificates would definitely make your CV look better, increase your chance of being shortlisted and selected for the position.

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