Better staff is the key to better service

Which aspects may affect one customer’s impression of one place’s hospitality? You can name many but there is one “key” aspect we all have to pay attention to — human.

Regardless of the quality of your facility, it is the quality of your staff, the ones who directly interact with your customers, that plays the most vital role in making customers comfortable and satisfied.

“Quality over quantity”, it is still true in this case. If you have a quality problem with hospitality of your business, you may want to take a closer look at the standard of your staff, not how many of them you have.

It is because having many staff at once does not ensure for good hospitality. You can do the HR process, hire enough people to fill the available positions.

But getting the workload done does not mean that it is being done well. There is more than one way to know if a customer is satisfied or not, his expression or his review for example. By one way or another, when you notice a decline in hospitality quality, start acting soon to step up your business.

What is the most suitable course of action here? Hiring qualified applicants, it is.

A qualified applicant is not only able to present his certificates, academic or vocational, but is also capable of carrying out specialized work fluently. To have employees that possess high level standards is to guarantee that your business is in good hands.

Now, is it hard to find such applicants? To some extent, yes. But if you know the right place to look, it can be done easily. At this point, you may have known that there are general job boards, and then there are job boards specifically dedicated to hospitality jobs. is a certified hospitality job board. It is where we connect hospitality employers with qualified applicants. By ‘qualified’ we mean that they are both mature in their mindset and skillwise. They have a clear vision of the industry and of how their career path is, plus many related aspects.

With the database of qualified hospitality applicants we have, we can easily speed up your hiring process and guarantee its success.

On the other hand, apart from picking the right candidate, you have to at the same time make sure the company’s working environment, policies on compensation, promotion, etc are good enough to make everyone happy at work. Being in a happy mood does help boost work efficiency a lot. And that leads to good service, good hospitality provided to your customers by your staff.

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