Saigon Business Women event

About HUFR

HUFR is a top agency with an everlasting passion to the Hospitality Industry, where we have been providing great event planning services since its founding in 2017.

Our expertise is in crafting remarkable and fascinating experiences for businesses, with a firm dedication to lifting them to the pinnacle of distinction in the city. At HUFR, we play the role of full-service event orchestrators, leaving no stone unturned in the flawless execution of every aspect, from thorough planning to faultless event administration.

What is Saigon Business Women event?

A PLACE to connect all female professionals from different backgrounds and industries.

A PLAYGROUND for aspiring business women to offer experience, share knowledge and to follow the dreams and achieve the goals.

An ASK-AND-GIVE exchange - where women share the problem they’re facing, throw out ideas for solving it and inspire others.

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HUFR wants to connect, share and build relationships through events that inspire, add knowledge, and motivate change to help women live more passionately and happily.


- Expand quality relationships

- Self growth

- Career development

- Share & learn from experiences

- Exchange and participate in Event activities

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