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The solution for the labor shortage in the F&B industry.

According to experts, F&B chains will experience strong growth and high profits in 2023, particularly during holidays such as Tet when the number of customers increases, meaning that employee efficiency must also double. If companies do not allocate personnel resources properly, business operations may be hindered, leading to customer complaints and other issues. Furthermore, this situation is becoming more common not only during the Tet holiday but also after it, as employees often seek new positions with higher salaries. According to records from 2022, the highest resignation rate was up to 40%, and the younger the employees, the higher the resignation rate, up to 36%.

The labor shortage in the F&B industry has become increasingly severe, given the current context of increased customer demand, the rapid development of dining services in Vietnam, and instability leading to employees leaving their current jobs.

Meeting the "Thirst" for Labor

Currently, Vietnam is considered one of the most potential F&B markets in Southeast Asia. To overcome the challenges and address the labor shortage, experts suggest that "we need cooperation between recruitment and training companies to expand job opportunities."

Employee Benefits

Almost all employees who resign after Tet want to find a better working environment with the potential for development. A unit with a competitive and fair working environment, opportunities for advancement, and adjustments to salary and benefits will help improve the skills and knowledge of employees, as well as strengthen their connection to the unit. Adjusting benefits is also a way to achieve long-term relationships with employees and prevent them from job hopping after Tet.

An Attractive Job Description

Before recruiting new personnel for the new year, it is necessary to revise the job description (JD), including job responsibilities, required experience levels, salary, benefits, etc. JD is a critical part of the hiring process, determining whether the recruitment process is effective and meets the needs of both employers and employees.

Utilizing Social Media to Spread Brand Awareness

In the context of technological development, candidates have the opportunity to explore various work environments. Building a brand with an expanded workforce is a significant advantage in spreading information to potential candidates and reaching a large pool of potential candidates. Choosing reputable websites and fan pages will help spread information to many candidates, making recruitment more effective.

Quality Human Resource Training

In recent years, Hufr has been a leading provider of quality human resources training and recruitment services in the F&B and Hospitality industries. Hufr provides breakthroughs in Vietnam with its training model, which is constantly developing and innovating. This will help companies overcome the difficulties of human resources and find suitable candidates for recruitment. At the same time, Hufr also supports recruiters in managing the recruitment process easily and effectively, with a commitment to finding quality candidates that meet the needs of their organizations. Hufr hopes to work with companies to improve service quality in Vietnam and help it develop further.


Hufr provides perfect solutions to help you solve your staffing problems, eliminate the worry of staff shortages, quickly find the right person, and assign the right job. Therefore, if your restaurant, hotel, or eatery is struggling with recruitment, do not hesitate to contact Hufr.

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