Top 3 Hot Jobs In The Hospitality Industry In Vietnam

It should be common knowledge by now that the virus situation has impacted every aspect of life. The world every single one of us is living in is shifting towards a new normal and that is also the case for the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

In the post-COVID-19 era, businesses in the hospitality industry in Vietnam are aiming for new goals based on the market’s new needs, new working environments, new standards, etc. As a result, the scenario for the industry’s job seekers would be very different than before.

In this article, we will name the top 3 hot jobs in the hospitality industry in Vietnam at the time being based on our analysis of the industry’s demands for human resources.

1. Marketing/PR Executive

After a long break due to the coronavirus pandemic, old businesses in the hospitality industry are finding their way back and new ones are joining in.

Since the market has changed significantly and local tourists and hospitality customers are now the main and almost only customer base, many companies would need to retarget their customers. Local customers have very different behaviours, for example, a large number of Vietnamese people prefer using social media platforms to Online Travel Agents (OTA), hence the marketing/PR direction and execution would be very different for many companies this time. This is especially critical for tourism hotspots that attracted foreign tourists before the pandemic like Hoi An, Da Nang.

Moreover, in the world of new normal with new hygiene standards at restaurants, hotels, new customer behaviours, a new and right marketing strategy would be very crucial for all businesses, and no wonder why there will be a surge in the need of marketing specialists now and in the time to come.

2. Sales Executive

Not only in the hospitality industry, many businesses across all industries had to stop operating completely earlier this year as they generated little to no revenue due to the pandemic. Now more than ever, all businesses need sales to continue.

Even when you already have a marketing strategy, you need to push even harder with sales skills to close deals and get your business new customers. Needless to say, sales are vital to keep a business going, especially in a time when competition is very high as everyone starts being active again when lockdown restrictions have been lifted in almost every part of Vietnam.

3. Market Development Specialist

The market is big and in order to get the most out of it, businesses can target multiple market segments at once. When we take a closer look at the demographics of hospitality customers and tourists, we can divide them into many groups based on their age, interests, behaviours, etc. A Market Development Specialist can help a business find potential market segments and study, target them logically and systemically.

The changes that came with waves of COVID-19 are bad in many ways but at the same time created good chances for businesses in the hospitality industry to reshape. For anyone interested in working in the hospitality industry, this is a perfect time to make the move. Hospitality jobs such as Receptionist, Hotel Maintenance Worker, etc. are nowhere to go because the need is always there and you can always consider getting trained for those jobs to get into the hospitality industry. But, in this special time, we’d recommend the above-mentioned jobs if you want to start with a brand new direction.

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