Hospitality in Vietnam in 2019

In 2019, the facts that global tourism is still booming and thriving, and that F&B industry is attracting more and more business lead to one thing hospitality industry is creating more jobs than ever.

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This means there are a lot of chances for you if you are aiming for a better position in hospitality industry or considering a career change, looking for a new job to get into it, at the moment.

To be specific, hospitality jobs are jobs that place you in working environments such as hotels and restaurants. And with, you can find these said jobs, ranging from Waiter/Waitress, Food Runner to Bartender, Cashier, Bar Head to Shop Manager or Production Manager, Sales Manager; and there are of course job openings like Housekeeper, Room Attendant, Receptionist, etc.

We are not only a job board, our agents are here to help you with every step and to take care of the whole process so you can focus on the only part that matters working.

Maintaining good hospitality is always the top priority of every facility in the ecosystem hence the need for both fresh and experienced workforce is never going to be sufficient. Even if you don’t have experience or knowledge in the industry, you can always find a position and move up within the establishment.

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